Welcome to my blog

Thanks to all who have chosen to stop by. My wife and I are undertaking a project where we're going to read one book on all 44 presidents.

I'm going to post my thoughts on the Presidents, try and point out what wasn't previously known to me and try and find historical parallels during classical periods of history.

What will I gain from this?

Maybe some perspective, maybe a chance to be the 'Political Scientist' my degree asserts I am, maybe find a poor man's universal theory in American history.


  1. Awesome idea for a blog!! I'll definitely be reading along.

    Like Diane, I feel like most of my high school history classes focused heavily on WWII, but I don't remember learning anything about Vietnam or Korea.... or even for that matter WWI (though I'm sure they must've taught a unit on that - I just probably daydreamed through it.) Perhaps you can fill me in on all the stuff I missed.

  2. I hope you enjoy it- We'll learn together because I feel like I have the 'gut feeling' of American History, but know little of the details around what really happened.