Thomas Jefferson: The Dreamer

There was no greater friend in the history of this country to the American Revolution and 'the people' than Thomas Jefferson. In his writing, he endlessly spoke of the inexorable march of liberty and the trampling out of tyranny in the world.

In France he praised the revolution and dismissed the bloody atrocities committed as indiscretions. He was steeped in the classics and spent hours in his library every night reading the works of philosophers.

He felt that the true nature of man is good and not evil (key difference with Adams and Washington) and rather than restrain their 'passions' they should promote them.

To Jefferson, if Americans would work the earth by day and read philosophy by night- we could create a sort of utopia the world has never known before. A sort of Greek version of the Roman myth of the Noble Farmer.

He felt all the evil in the world comes from superstitious devotion to distant governments and nationalism.

He was an intriguing character and about as much of a left turn in the course of the country as you can imagine.

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