Thomas Jefferson: Shay it ain't so rebellion

Well- I said in a previous post that in today's bad financial market, at least we don't have to pay our creditors in gold.

It's also better for the fact that there has not been an armed insurrection (yet).

The credit crisis as a result of Jefferson's disastrous financial policies was so bad that in New England, one in every four men joined the armed rebellion.

Daniel Shay, a former captain and sort of Robin hood type folk hero insighted the public to armed rebellion because in his view, the government wasn't 'bailing out the people'.

Farmers were losing there homes and land and the 'Shaysites' felt that the government shout issue paper money or suspend bankruptcy proceedings to help them out.

I hope these Jack Cafferty 'tea parties' don't get so bad as to start an armed rebellion.

It's interesting to think about how different the country would look had there been a Civil War stated so early in American history.

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