John Quincy Adams: Life Experiance

John Q. Adams lived an amazing life. At a time where most American citizens never made it out of their own county, much less state, Q. Adams traveled the world.

He had diplomatic posts in France, Britain, Russia, Germany and The Netherlands. That would be an amazing career even today in the era of jet travel! At the time, intercontinental travel by sea took months and was dangerous even on ship worthy vessels.

When most Americans were illiterate, he spoke fluent or nearly fluent French, German, Russian, Dutch as well as Greek and Latin.

He chaired the first Smithsonian committee and made great scientific advances in weights and measures as well as planting the seeds for the first Astronomical observatory.

He was one of the first Americans to have his image recorded by Daguerreotype (a precursor to the photograph).

He was born in the Revolutionary period, came of age right after America won its independence and died right before the Civil War.

He is believed to be the only American to have known all the Founding Fathers personally and also have known Abe Lincoln. Lincoln became an Illinois congressman shortly before Q. Adams died and was influenced by Q. Adams in eliminating slavery during the Civil War.

Wherever people want to rank Q. Adams' presidency, I think you'd almost certainly have to rank him first in living an interesting life.

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