Stop Calling People Hitler

Politics in America has always been nasty. Even in the 'deferential' age of Jefferson, Adams and Washington, insults were thrown freely around.

But the duels and accusations of tyranny notwithstanding, it seems that the politics of the masses in this country have gone a little extreme lately.

People are being whipped up by the poor man's revolutionaries at Fox News like Glenn Beck or Shawn Hannity. Soccer moms, Nascar dads and otherwise normal individuals are going to town halls and city council meetings and shouting down politicians and their 'Nazi' health care plan. Barack Obama is portrayed with a Hitler mustache on effigies and signs by people protesting his 'socialist Nazi policies'. Never mind the fact that Hitler was a fascist, but I don't think many of these people paid attention in history class anyway.

Do they realize if they want to throw the Nazi card down that shouting down all opposition politicians was also the method of Hitler's Brown Shirts and not to mention the revolutionary guard in Iran? The only reason that you make a show of carrying assault rifles outside some political event is intimidation, not sticking up for your rights.

I'm not going to cut the liberals a break on the Nazi card either. Many of their ilk carried around the famous Bush Nazi merchandise as well. All of their leftist Hannity equivalents like Olberman and Michael Myers would have you believe that Bush stole Christmas (the secular part of course since they don't believe in religion) and was going to put everyone into concentration camps any day.

My point is that although strong words in politics are sometimes needed, I think that people need to dial it down a little bit on both the right and the left.

Adolph Hitler's insane policies of racial extermination directly or indirectly led to the deaths of between 50 to 70 MILLION PEOPLE from combat, starvation, exposure and simple mass murder. He tried to wipe an entire race of people from the planet and take Europe's historical anti semitism to its 'final solution'.

I hardly think that disagreeing with Barack Obama's Public Heath option or George W. Bush's tax policy is justification to call either one of them the name of the most infamous mass murderer that ever lived.

That seems like an unforgivable insult to the memory of the millions and millions that died in that war and also to the millions of people that were lucky enough to survive it.

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